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Outside the Home 

1st Barrier - Yard and Perimeter

We conduct a walk-through inspection and spot treat your full yard.  We will be investigating sheds, wood piles, decks, or other areas that may harborage pest activity.  In addition, we will also be detecting ant mounds or other problem spots in the lawn.

We apply a high quality granular treatment to the perimeter of your home including flowerbeds and out into the lawn. Our granules offer strong resistance to wind and rain as well as other elements to ensure pest elimination in all the seasons of the year.

2nd Barrier - Entry Points and Exterior

Entry Points
To stop pests from entering and exiting your home we will be treating all entry points such as doors, windows, cracks and crevices, as well as applicable crawlspaces and garages.

Home Exterior

We will also be applying a residual foundation spray around the perimeter of your home.  This treatment will immediately reduce all pest activity as well as provide a long lasting barrier against pest invasion.  In addition, we will even be cleaning down spider webbing around eaves and decks.

Inside the Home 

3rd Barrier - Home Interior

The interior of your home is the last place you want to see a pest; however no home is immune from the possibility of occasional invasion. Plumbing lines, foundation cracks, expansion joints, as well as simply bringing a pest home in produce or potted plants are all possible ways of pests sneaking in.  We will be focusing on key areas such as the kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, and attics as well as around appliances and crack/crevices under sinks.

Wall Injection
GreenShield’s wall injection service will target pests right where they live and breed inside the home—wall voids and plumbing areas.  Your service technician will inject treatments into areas that are otherwise inaccessible and eliminate pests on the spot as well as thwart future nesting sites.  These injections will be made primarily around plumbing lines, under sinks, and/or around appliances in both the kitchen and bathroom areas.  This service is both highly effective and permits us to use minimal treatments in and around your living areas.  In addition, since these treatments remain relatively undisturbed they need only be done once every 8-12 months.

Garage and Attic
We will also be treating inside your garage as well as accessible attic areas.  These two areas are often key entry and breeding points for many pests.  Eliminating pests at their sources is critical to overall control.

Crack/Crevice and Baiting
When applicable, we may also place baits in strategic areas around cracks and crevices or other areas inside your home.  Your service technician will utilize a baiting system specifically designed to safely and effectively eliminate pest problems often hidden from view.  These baiting procedures will ensure a complete pest free living area for you and your family.


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