• Service Reminders: Notification of upcoming services are sent out about seven days before your scheduled service. These will be sent to you by automated phone call, text message, and/or email. Please notify the office which method(s) of communication you would prefer.
  • General Service: Our regular service routine is a maintenance service focused on protecting your home against pest infestation. It is important to follow the recommended schedule for continued protection of your home. During each of these services the technician treats the exterior perimeter of your home, checks for signs of new activity and sweeps away spider webs.
  • Interior Service: For your convenience, please notify the office if you would like inside service performed. We can then set a time window for your technician to meet with you. Our products will last longer on the interior of your home and treatment is not necessary during every service. If your regular service has already been performed and you did not receive inside service but wish to have it done, call the office and we will schedule you for a free follow-up service.
  • Rescheduling or skipping a service: Services are scheduled according to your Service Agreement. If the day scheduled for your service is inconvenient for you, please notify the office as soon as possible. Services may be delayed up to two weeks upon communication with the office staff. If services are performed outside of agreed upon schedule, or skipped, you could be charged your regular service fee during the agreed upon month whether service is performed or not. For example: your regular service is scheduled for June 15th but you don’t want the service to be performed until July 10th, you will be billed for the service on the last day of the month that the service was originally scheduled (billed June 30th and due by July 29th). However, if you are scheduled for service on February 25th but due to weather conditions your service is not performed and the office reschedules your service to March 5th, then you will be billed for the service when the service is completed (billed March 6th and due by April 5th).
  • Weather policy: Our technicians might still treat your home when it is raining or snowing. If your technician decides the weather is too extreme for effective treatment you will be notified and rescheduled. Some products use moisture to activate, so treating your home during or before a light rain can be more effective.
  • Accessibility: If the technician cannot access an area of your property because of locked gates, pets, obstacles, etc., they will do your service as best they can and you will be charged the full service rate. Once you can make the area accessible to the technician, we will schedule a follow-up service to treat that area. Our technicians do not carry ladders on their trucks. If you need an area treated that requires a ladder for access, you must provide the ladder. We take all responsibility for the technician's safety while using provided ladders. Technicians may choose not to use a ladder if they feel the ladder or area is unsafe.
  • Retreats: If you are experiencing pest activity between regular services, call the office to schedule a free retreat. If you are currently being serviced for an infestation your technician may recommend a retreat to break the egg cycle. Please understand that we cannot return to treat the same problem too soon as it would be ineffective at that point. Certain pests, such as fruit  flies and gnats, are not covered under our guarantee and may not be eligible for a free retreat.
  • Up-Charges: Your technician will offer you a quote if extensive treatment is requested (i.e. full yard treatment).
  • Paperless Options: Service invoices, billing statements, reminders, and other types of communication will be sent to your e-mail, please ensure we have record of an email address you check regularly. We can keep more than one email on record if you would like us to send communication to another member of your household. Separate e-mail addresses can be provided for general communications and for billing. Receiving paper billing statements via postal services is still an option, please notify the office if you prefer paper. Text messages and automated phone calls are sent to the primary phone number on record.
  • Payments: Payment for services can be given to the technician at time of service, or anytime up to 30 days after service is performed. Payments can be made in form of personal check, money order or credit card. Payments may be made online using the link provided on your e-mailed statement.  Automatic payments (APay) can be set up at your request and will (unless otherwise noted) be processed after the service is completed. Payment plan options are available. Accounts are past due if payment is not made by 30 days after service is performed.
  • Late Payments: If your payment is not received by 30 days after a service we will give you a courtesy call. Communication is important, we understand things sometimes come up that delay payment and mail can get lost. A late fee of $25 may be added anytime after an account becomes past due. Accounts with two services past due will not receive the next due service until payment is made. Delinquent accounts will result in additional fees, cancellation and collections. Accounts on a payment plan will not receive late fees as long as agreed upon payments are received.
  • Continuation of Services: After your Service Agreement is fulfilled, services will automatically continue at the same rate and schedule as established in the original agreement unless otherwise noted. There are no renewal fees or new contracts. Services will continue for as long as you would like. If you move, we may be able to transfer your account to the new address.
  • Cancellation of Services: Cancellation of services requires 30 days written notice prior to your next due service. If you are unable to fulfill the terms agreed upon in your service agreement, a cancellation fee may be charged. The cancellation fee will include any initial discounts you received. After your Service Agreement has been fulfilled, there will be no cancellation fees as long as written notice is made 30 days prior to next scheduled service.
  • Communication: We want to hear from you! If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 804-798-1725. You may also send us an email at Send us a text at 804-417-6264 (Please do not text our office number, we will not receive it.)

*This policy information is for our General Services. Policies may vary depending on service type.

Please see individual policy PDF or contact office for information on other service types.

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