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Regular Services-Maintaining the Barrier


We apply a granular treatment to the perimeter of your home, including flowerbeds and out into the lawn. We will also be maintaining the barrier we have established with a perimeter spray around the foundation of your home, as well entry points. During inspection of your property, we will sweep away cobwebs, treat and remove wasps nests and treat any problem areas around your yard.

 Interior treatment is included in your services but is only performed upon request*. Because our products last longer indoors, you may not need inside service every time.  The times you may want inside service include: when a pest (or evidence of a pest) is present, between seasons, or if you have gone for two or more regular services without inside treatment.

Problem Areas
If you notice any pest activity or evidence, contact the office, We will do specified treatment for the following during regular services: ants, roaches, centipedes/millipedes, mites, crickets, earwigs, fleas/ticks, hornets/bees/wasps, silverfish, spiders, and mice/rats.

If you are unable to be home at time of your regular service and want the interior treated, we will schedule  a follow-up service for a day and time that works best for you.

If at any time you are having pest problems/concerns between services we will schedule you for a free retreat to take care of the problem area/pest. We guarantee to rid you of the following pests: ants, roaches, centipedes/millipedes, mites, crickets, earwigs, hornets/bees/wasps, silverfish, spiders, and mice/rats.

 *Inside service is an included service, as is retreats and follow-ups.  Opting out of inside service does not lower the cost of your services.  Cost of services is based on maintaining the barrier to keep pests away from your home.