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Regular Services-​ For a regular maintenance type service, minimal preparation is required.

  • PLEASE ensure pets and children are safely occupied while our technician is servicing your home. While our products are safe, we do not want anyone to touch the product while it's wet. Everything is usually dry within a half hour.
  • If you would like the interior treated please notify the office and we will give you a timeframe in which you can expect the technician. Please be sure to be home and have all areas accessible that you would like to be serviced.
  • If you do not require interior service, but have a special request (i.e. you've noticed a wasp nest on the backside of your shed) please let us know. You may also let us know that you plan to leave the crawlspace, shed or garage accessible for inside treatment.
  • For a regular service during which you need specified treatment for one or more pests, some preparation may be required. Please keep in mind the more space that is accessible the more effective the treatment will be. For example- if there are ants on your kitchen counter, clear and clean the counter before the technician arrives.
  • If you are unsure the identity of a pest- please take a picture or save a sample to show the technician.

Termite Inspection, Termite Warranty Inspection or Wood Destroying Insect Report-
Certain areas should be made accessible for a thorough inspection. We understand these areas are often used for storage. Please do your best to make these areas accessible.

  • Garage- The tech will need to inspect the walls inside of your garage. Please pull items away from walls where possible.
  • Basement/crawlspace- The tech will need to inspect under your home, whether you have a crawlspace or a basement. Please be sure to have these areas accessible and tidy, pull items away from walls and supports.
  • Attic- The tech may decide an inspection of the attic is also necessary. We do not carry ladders on our trucks so please provide a ladder if required for attic access. Again, make sure area is tidy and items are stored away from the walls.

Cockroach  or Flea Treatment-Please follow the instructions prior to and after service. A follow up service is usually necessary to break the egg cycle of the pest.


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